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Photos of Matagorda Day 2012

Photos of 2012 Rice Festival

Welcome to Matagorda Tourism. View the Matagorda Beach Cam on our site. All of our cameras have great pictures and high reliability. We also have the Palacios Bay Cam, Matagorda Harbor Cam, and Sargent Cam. This site has information on everything having to do with the town and surounding areas including fishing, kayaking, weather, boating, swimming, and more. If you are a Matagorda Beach Cam fan, then consider advertising with Matagorda Tourism. Our website has a new face and even more information for all of our visitors.

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Matagorda Beach Cam

Matagorda Beach Cam

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Palacios Bay Cam

Matagorda Beach Cam

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Matagorda Harbor Cam

Matagorda Beach Cam

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Matagorda Fishing

HR Matagorda Fishing

Matagorda Bay is a great place to fish. There is pier fishing, surf fishing, kayak fishing, and charter services. We have a huge selection of Matagorda Fishing Guides who offer affordable services. If you want to just relax or to spend the day with the family, then you should plan a day at the Bay!

Photo By: Matagorda Sunrise Lodge

Matagorda Rice Festival

HR Rice Festival

The 2012 Rice Festival was a great time! There was a parade in the morning and the fair for 3 days. Matagorda Tourism took over 200 photos during the festivities. If you are interested in viewing or purchasing a photo please visit the link below.

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Matagorda Beach

HR Beautiful Matagorda

The beach is a great place for you to relax in the sun. Matagorda has no shortage of Beachfront for you to enjoy. There is great sandy beach front and warm water. It is a great place to swim, play, and cook. Drive over and you can either park or drive down on the beach.

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Matagorda Pier

HR Matagorda Pier

Matagorda Beach offers a great Pier that is free to the public. The Pier is open all the time! There is a jetty that runs along the right side of the Pier to attract fish; however, many lures have been lost to it. If you take any pictures you can email it to and have it posted online. COMING SOON!!! FISHING REPORT, FISHING FORCAST, BOUY INFORMATION, AND MORE!